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Sarah Oliver

Long story short.

I'm here to help you take your business to the next level. Brand identity and marketing is no joke but can be kind of daunting, especially if you are a first-time business owner. I'm here to alleviate any stress and to collaborate with you to ensure your brand and business are on point!

At a glance.

Here's a glance at what I can offer you, check out my services for more info.

Brand Identity | Logo | Business Cards | Web Design | Promotional | Analytics | SEO | Out-Sourced Online Marketing Director | Facebook ads | Custom Prints

Sarah in Scotland.jpg

I hail from a small town in New Zealand where the land is green and there are many sheep (seriously, more sheep than people). I now reside in Annapolis, Maryland, with my husband and two children. My love for graphic design evolved from my love of photography; the ability to convey a feeling or message through a single image. One thing led to another and I started my own business selling custom prints and logos to clients all over the world. Over the years I have honed my skills to create a one-stop package for your business needs. When I'm not behind the computer or exploring our beautiful town, I am a Personal Assistant to a four and


How this all started.

Why Me?

You're not dealing with a large firm here, you are dealing with a small-town girl with bold, impactful, and creative designs. You get one-on-one, you get personal and you get an experienced designer who has helped build brands for small businesses & entrepreneurs around the globe. I am upfront and offer 100% honesty coming into any consultation, meaning; I won't promise something I can't deliver.

My mission is to bring your branding dreams to reality!

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