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Are Logo Designers a thing of the past?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

WIX are the latest platform to offer instant logo's with the touch of your fingers. With the abundance of online instant 'logo makers' out there, I wondered...are logo designers a thing of the past?

Today I took the bait. I clicked on that 'get started' link from a WIX promotional email. Yes, WIX now offer logo design. Now let me be transparent here... I use WIX with my clients, often. WIX is a great website platform for SME who wish to update and manage their own websites. For years now I have seen pushes for inboxes, promotional emails and other business tools from WIX for organizations to put their best foot forward with all their digital marketing. Now they have unveiled the 'Logo Maker'.

What is the WIX Logo Maker?

Self-described as the "best online business logo maker out there", WIX markets their logo maker as a way to create your own logo design within minutes by answering a few simple questions. Customizations allow you to add your own touch to your generated logo but the selling point remains the same... become your own logo designer.

As a logo designer myself, I couldn't resist. I put WIX's logo maker to the test.

The process.

Unlike a discovery call and lengthy brand questionnaire, WIX takes your company name, tagline, your brand's aesthetic, together with a few options of 'do you like this or that', before unveiling pages of logo options for you to choose from. Most ghastly, some okay and several that may work. Once you choose the logo you like the best WIX then directs you to customize it further. Pre-loaded color palettes are available for you to use, fonts, and icons. Elements are movable in a Canva-esque way and within minutes, your logo is done.

I opted for a logo similar to my current brand's color palette, this was the end result.

What do you get?

Now here is the impressive part to the WIX logo maker. The crème de la crème will set you back $50.00. Should you choose to pay for this 'advanced' logo service here is what you will receive.

- Color Code Guide

- Resizable Vector Files (Black, Greyscale, White, Monochrome, Original)

- Social Media Logo Files (13 file options from LinkedIn, YouTube, email signature, watermarks and more)

- Standard Logo files (Black, Greyscale Monochrome, White and Original + the same on transparent backgrounds)

Your logo is also granted commercial and non-commercial use.

Again, all within minutes.

So what's the catch?

Need a small change? Cough up. Once you pay for your files that's it. Any changes made will cost you. Customizations are also limited. With the exception of color change to icons, you can cannot customize them any further. Therefore I was left with no choice than to customize my already paid for 'customized' WIX logo in Adobe. Will your logo stand out? Maybe. Remember what you discard as a logo option or even use can be offered to other businesses far and wide. What is special to you might also be special to other businesses looking to be their 'own logo designer'. Out of a page of logo options, WIX missed the mark on all but two. Do I feel like I settled, yes.

Final thoughts?

It is incredible. A process that can take upwards of 10 hours done within minutes. It's fun. It gives the user (almost) complete control over your logo and customizations. Will you become your own logo designer? Unequivocally, yes. As a logo designer, I was caught up in the 'fun' of this new WIX feature. If I were launching a small business, shy on funds for branding and logo design, I wouldn't hesitate to use this feature.

BUT, with all the fun in creating a quick, fast-fashion like logo, nothing compares to the one-on-one partnership of an experienced and talented logo designer - armed with more than a four question questionnaire to understand your business' brand. YOUR brand, your pride and joy, your hard work which cannot be fully known or appreciated by a computer. Often wearing more than one hat, a logo designer can also help you discover your brand and marry your business' brand and logo design together, effectively and smoothly - at no stress to you, the client.

WIX is by no means the only online logo maker/generator out there. Is their process and final offerings impressive for the cost? Yes.

With all that said, the question remains....Are logo designers a thing of the past?

Not yet.

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